Pearson (persona) wrote,

Dinner as she is spoke

Chocolate FondueMore notes to myself for future dinner making. Because tonight, I ruled.

Steaks: Ribeye, I prefer bone-in, but so long as we're cooking for three, boneless is easier to portion. Quite high heat skillet, oven preheat to 450. Meat at room temperature, with garlic salt and ground pepper. Olive oil in the pan, about a teaspoon. Yes it'll smoke, but if it's quick enough, you won't set anything off, say 60-90 seconds a side. Butter pats and into the oven for 6-8 minutes. It'll be more cooked toward the edges and nicely medium in the center, but the edges are for Melinda, and we will teach her the glories of medium rare in time.

Lobster tail: way more forgiving than you think. Put the water on, once it starts getting warm to the touch you can add the tails. They're done once they're red and start curling. It takes a couple minutes, but not much longer than that, to cut through the shells. Only need to melt about one tablespoon of butter per tail to harvest ghee.

Fondue: I'm a San Franciscan, so chocolate fondue means Ghiradelli. Godiva liqueur worked well, call it a G&G Chocolate Fondue. is the right one. Listen to the comments, you only need 3/4 cup cream. Pound cake and strawberries are required, banana is very good too but may be substitutable. Pick up some Kahlua, and you don't need anything else in your dessert cocktails.

Finally, my two ideas for cosplay. I look like this:Wybie and a gazebo complete with an arrow sticking out of it. Apparently Katsucon has a specific gazebo of import to the cosplay community.

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