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MixologistTwo miles of travel, with .5 walking, 1.2 jogging, and about .3 running. It still feels a long way from the 5k in October I'm planning on, but I can look back to week 1 and see that it's been a sea change. My cardio and leg strength are obviously doing better. My grandfather gave me grief for taking up a knee-ruining hobby like running, but I do see it more as a tool and goal to get my ability to move and exercise to the point where I can enjoy all the games that are more fun when I have stamina. My body isn't really showing the change though. I feel like I'm staying the same weight but not replacing fat with muscle. I'm going back on calorie counting to help with that. A little under 2k on non-exercise days, a little over 2k when I run.

Speaking of food, a brief piece of advice I wanted to capture. Someone asked me about how they should learn liquor after a late introduction to alcohol.
I'd do some Chowhound searches for a good hotel bar, walk in during a slow time (weekend afternoon maybe), put $20-40 on the counter and say something like 'I don't want to get drunk, but i want to learn what good liquor tastes like. Can you help me?' I say hotel bar because you want someone willing to serve you the basics. If you go to a high-end bar these days, you'll meet a 'mixologist' with a handlebar moustache wanting to serve you their self-infused spirits aged in casks. Which are delicious, but it's kind of like going to a modern art museum before you learn about the history of art that they're responding to.
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