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C25K LogoAfter building up during an unofficial Week 0, I've done one full set of eight 60s run/90s walk intervals, to qualify as Week 1 Day 1 of the nine-week Couch to 5K program. There's a lot of activities coming up that I want to be in running shape for, from the family reunion and the promised Cycle Pub to the unknown challenges of The Famine Game. This journal may look like Pfireburn for a while, as I use this to chart and encourage my progress.

I didn't feel very taxed, but it was clearly exercise. By the end of my last interval, my right foot was significantly tingling, and it was almost numb by the time I walked through the door at about 28:30. The sorest part of my body was right above my ankles, but they didn't hurt. I'm planning on completing the rest of Week 1 on Friday and Sunday. I'm on track to be doing Week 6 during ConTex, who's with me?

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