Pearson (persona) wrote,

Clavis CrypticaOh dear, I run a puzzle-themed blog that's about to get all the sweet sweet Clavis Cryptica traffic. I better post something!

I'm Alex Pearson, and I write and solve a few puzzles. Currently, I'm working on a program puzzle for a hundred-ish-person luncheon at work. I've written quite a few puzzles I'm proud of in the last year and a half, between the MIT Mystery Hunt and the National Puzzler's League convention (does anyone want me to finish that set of write-ups?). My puzzle output is about to precipitously decline, as I focus on the 'puzzles' my professors assign me in my last semester (ever!) of the Applied & Computational Math at JHU. This semester is Matrix Theory, Probabilistic Models and Data Mining. In short, this is my Big Data semester. Good news is, I'll be at the computer plenty. Just remind me to update more often.

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