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Content Creating

Pencil PushingNow that the Midterms of My Discontent are over, it's time to start the Glorious Summer of Content Creation. I have lots of ideas, and will prioritize them about thusly:
  • Journal Entries nearly every day, intended for an audience. Because there's a difference between getting words on a page, and getting interesting words on a page. I need to practice both, so I might as well practice the latter. I'm going to post creative endeavors, mostly puzzle- and game-related, to [personal profile] pfirework and general personal life content to [personal profile] pfire, both of which are cross-posted to my LJ.
  • Mobile Game. Script Frenzy 2012 is upon us, which means it's my yearly chance to get 50% off of Scrivener, which I keep meaning to buy. My prior attempt at a script, Tithes and Offerings, needs a bigger revamp than I can give it now, it may just be a product of an earlier mentality and age. So instead, I want to create a script for a mobile game. I'll be a little oblique about the content until I'm sure I have a decent head-start, because this is a genre that I'm surprised hasn't been more readily carried over to the mobile OSes.
  • Million Nothing Mind Game. If I were going to be attending the NPL convention this year, I'd be bringing a fan version of Million Dollar Mind Game. I like the dynamics, though they're hard to copy when only a million Nothings are on the line. More to the point, I like the ability to have a riddle-based game show, and the challenge of writing new riddles for the Internet-connected age. I'm building a database of questions as they strike me, so by Philadelphia at the latest, I should have a fun experience.
  • CONnect 4. An Official Con Program version of Only Connect. I have a mechanic and intended page layout, but I need questions. This is lowest priority, as I'd like to get a better name for myself as an after-hours game runner before I push for a coveted position entertaining a couple hundred of my closest friends. "Brutal but great" is a fine start, but I'm hoping to shift to 'great and great'.
  • Piano Autodidacticism. I have a beautiful machine, and I intend to use it. Back to Hanon, and back to investing in piano books for artists that I want to copy. No links there, because I dont' want to get ahead of myself in promising more than I can accomplish (he says, looking back over the pile of work).

Of course, homework and finals studying are the limiting factor on getting any of this done over the next few weeks, along with the mundanity of babyproofing.

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