Pearson (persona) wrote,

Wresting control

A Queueing SystemToday, I largely studied for midterms in Queueing Theory and Number Theory. So obviously, I'm going for an Applied (& Computational) Math degree. This is the first real exam session I've had where I've also had significant responsibilities to care for someone else. It's easy to see how deeply the priorities shift compared to my cramming around undergraduate tests, or even other grad classes recently. A few times this week, I've said 'Family comes first. Academics a close second.' That is, so long as I do well enough in my classes to not impact my family financially, I can give focus to my daughter and wife first. Coming from last semester, where studying definitely came before my other relationships, it's almost freeing. I think it's a mark of the maturity I'm continuing to see in myself. I love who I've become as a father. I know Laura does too. And I suspect that Melinda will rue me for it. Before she respects it.

Image courtesy Nature, vol 207
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