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R2Q2: Pictures Round

 Round 2: PicPicture 2Picture 3
Answer: Pic, an excellent source of vitamin D
Why I Wrote It:
I was thinking of alphabetic sequences, and vitamins came to mind. I know I 
cheated with Vitamin B, but many of the B-complex vitamins can be found in lean 
meats. Once I saw the examples, I knew that The Four Food Groups was a strong 
red-herring, but since those are unordered, I was ok with that. Also, I made 
sure that there was at least one counter-example in the first image (that's 
a canteloupe, not a squash, in the first picture). I was considering making another puzzle the visual for this round (a hint), but this one really did have
the best chance at working visually.
How It Played:
Really rather well, considering only two teams got the intended answer. Another four or so got the connection, but went with Vitamin D Milk as a source. This led to a few chains of 'Dairy' 'prompt' 'Milk' 'prompt'. If I hadn't heard the vitamins come out as a reason, I'd simply rule Dairy wrong, since it's not a good source of Vitamin D unless it's been fortified. Many people thought I was talking about the new food plate that was in the news.
What I Learned:
After the round, I kept coming up with more good picture rounds, they almost seem easier to me than word rounds to construct. I think it's because it's easier to pull the lateral thinking that I find fun when the first step is trivia ID, and then playing with the names or qualities of what's identified. Sneak Peak for the next convention I attend, whether it's Orecon or HexaTexaCon (six years since the last texas con, right?): Only Con-nect: Just Images?

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